Ohio Stoneware ~ Celebrating 15 Years

Ohio Stoneware ~ Celebrating 15 Years

27th Sep 2019

Celebrating 15 YearsOhio Stoneware is excited to celebrate 15 years in business on July 9, 2020. The last two years have been very exciting as we made a large acquisition, which nearly doubled our man … read more

Stoneware ~ What Makes a Second?

1st Jul 2019

Pottery manufacturing includes many variables. From the moment a piece is poured or pressed, it is susceptible to many imperfections. Many items could be handled up to a dozen times before they are sh … read more

AMERICAN MADE European-Style Fermenting Crocks

12th Jun 2019

Congratulations! You are about to discover one of the world's oldest and healthiest methods of food preservation: lactic acid fermentation. This ancient method allows vegetables to retain more vitamin … read more