Bakeware ~ Care and Use

24th Jun 2019

Oil your pan with neutral-flavored vegetable oil or cooking spray before each use. A nice patina will develop over time. For additional prevention of sticking, sprinkle a thin layer of semolina into t … read more
Kitchen Naturals Pizza Stone ~ Care and Use

Kitchen Naturals Pizza Stone ~ Care and Use

17th Jun 2019

Benefits of Using a Pizza StoneEven cooking eliminates hot spots.No food lost through open racks.Cut directly on the pizza stone surface.Retains heat even after removal from oven.Seasons like a cast i … read more

AMERICAN MADE European-Style Fermenting Crocks

12th Jun 2019

Congratulations! You are about to discover one of the world's oldest and healthiest methods of food preservation: lactic acid fermentation. This ancient method allows vegetables to retain more vitamin … read more

Recipe ~ Apfelkraut

4th Jun 2019

Start this recipe from 2 to 6 weeks before you plan to serve it.Makes 2½ quarts SauerkrautServes: 6 to 8IngredientsSauerkraut 8 pounds cabbage3 tart apples (such as Granny Smith)¼ pound kosher o … read more

Recipe ~ Brussels Sprouts / Radish Vegetables

3rd Jun 2019

Enjoy the following recipe for making preserved vegetables in your Ohio Stoneware crock.To prepare fresh vegetables for lactic preservation, always wash in plenty of running water, remove non-edi … read more